We can accompany you in every phase of the development of your idea, be it small or big for us is the same; we love to be involved in your creations and to support you, it’s the core of our work! 
Do you have a new concept buzzing in your head? Then, you are in the right place, because PAULINDA can realize all your new concepts Do you have a time problem? Don’t worry, it’s sooner than you think!
Our friends all over the world called us The Queen of compounds! We are in educational model- ling materials market since 20 years ago, and we can develop any kind of new art and craft compound because our experience is huge… … huge as our labs where we chase a real innovation. In PAULINDA you always can find new materials which never seen in the market before!
We are at your side also for the output of products. Indeed, we are able to provide you with a lot of marketing materials to express your pro- duct in the best way: pictures, videos, digital com- munication ... and we have a style that is perhaps right for you.
Small quantities are never a problem for us. Do you need a sampling of a few pieces for your showroom? you need that sample to show urgently... no worries, it will be at your hand in a short time.
We are a cheerful group, we like to joke ... but there is one thing we are very serious about and never joke about: safety of products. We are equipped to quickly and affordably provide you with all the tests… you can sleep peacefully! We have QA and QC team to assure the high quality of the products… and our quality control department sometimes scares us a little because of how strict it is ... nothing gets past them!
PAULINDA works with plastic materials for over 20 years.We know something about plastic! For this reason we can open new molds at the best value for money... and we are very fast.

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Founded In 1999;manufacturing Modeling Materials Since 2005;exporting To Over 70 Countries;strong Focus On Product Development And Customer Support...
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